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Unicorn Margarita, The Most Colorful Margarita In The World


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Los Angeles, California


Tequila Spectator

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The Unicorn Margarita is the most colorful Margarita in the world. Made with Electric Blue Raspberry, Turbo Tangerine, Grenadine, and Nobleza Blanco Tequila.

This futuristic neon fruit margarita blows your mind and challenges your taste buds on what a margarita should taste like. The citrus and fruit flavors mask the alcohol, making this margarita the most deliciously dangerous drink that has been concocted in many years. Each color is blended individually and tequila is added at every step.
In an interview with the creator Jose De La Paz, he was asked about this creation, he responded: “I wanted to create a Margarita that visually was art, with flavors that burst your taste buds and lure you to crave more. For me the experience was at the root of this creation”.
How it was made:
The rainbow effect was created by blending the key ingredients (Electric Blue Raspberry, Turbo Tangerine, Grenadine, Tequila) and individually pouring each color to produce a rainbow. The Electric Blue Raspberry and Turbo Tangerine can be purchased from Imperial Distributors 800.729.4714 and Nobleza Tequila can be found at your local Costco.


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