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Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Jersey City, NJ


Tequila Spectator

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Beyond the social media hashtags (#RULEBREAKERS) and marketing taglines sits this great tequila that has gone almost unnoticed.

When we encounter a bar that carries Maestro Dobel Diamante, bartenders frequently describe it as a Blanco. It is clear that the uniqueness of what has been created in this tequila challenges the mind of even those that serve it.
Let me take you on a journey and peel back the layers of Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila.
Due to its clear tone, many have mistaken Maestro Dobel Diamante to be a Blanco when it's really a Reposado. This tequila is a blend of rested and aged Tequilas:
Reposado (rested in oak casks between 2-11 months)
Añejo (aged in oak casks between 12-35 months)
Extra Añejo (aged in oak casks 36+months)
Blended tequila being labeled Reposado is determined by the average age to blend ratios. So if you start with a Reposado that is rested to its bare minimum of 2 months and then blend in the correct volume amounts of aged tequila and the overall blended tequila age is kept to no more than 11 months, well then I guess you can label it Reposado.
But what confuses most consumers is the clarity that resembles Blanco Tequila. Making tequila clear is a delicate carbon filtration process that is not uncommon in the tequila industry. The Maestro Tequilero starts with Reposado tequila and skillfully selects the aged tequila profiles that once blended will pierce their character through the filtration process. Once the blend is perfected the Maestro Tequilero will filter the tequila, this will carefully extract the golden color, but over-filtering can ruin the profile to a point that it becomes unrecognizable as tequila.
We have to say that Maestro Dobel got it right with its DIAMANTE blend, a clear sign of a masterful craftsman.
The following are a few key highlights that add to the uniqueness of Maestro Dobel. The information located in the bottleneck is a key identifier similar to wine that helps identify the tequila vintage. Not all years, agave ranch, and the person blending it will be the same.
1. Year
2. Date
3. Bottle No
4. Ranch
5. Blended By
"The aroma of this Reposado is fruity with clear notes of cantaloupe, watermelon, and light oak accents. The taste is well balanced with notes of light oak and a refined taste of agave. You can enjoy this tequila on the rocks or in your favorite fruity cocktail."


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