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A Rare Tequila Find, Turning $100 Into $15,000


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Pénjamo, Guanajuato


Tequila Spectator

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Eighteen years ago we traveled across Mexico in search of rare Tequila… and did we find it!

One late evening as we strolled through the town of Mazatlán we wandered into a small liquor store. We were immediately greeted by a soft-spoken woman that asked “are you looking for something particular”?. I gazed at the tall shelves and responded “that green dusty bottle, can you tell me about it”. She replied, “I received two of those bottles as a promotion a few years ago when the Corralejo distillery reopened. I used one bottle for my daughter's wedding and that is the only one I have left”.
I purchased the bottle for $100 and upon our return to Los Angeles, I contacted Corralejo regarding the authenticity of the bottle. Raffaele Berardi, of Tequila Corralejo responded.
“The green glass bottles were created in the first months since we began a small glass factory in Mexico over 15 years ago, you could say that it’s the only full bottle that I know to this date in this series of 3 lt., the total number of bottles that were produced in this series are 100 bottles. The serial number (N º 02615) was consecutive in the row of total production which then lead to Corralejo making 1 lt and 750 presentations. You could say it is a true jewel of the recent history of the Hacienda Corralejo.”
Of the first 100 bottles produced, this is the only one that remains unpen. The estimated value of this rare bottle is $15,000
About: Corralejo Tequila (Information form The Beautiful Hacienda Corralejo was built in 1775 by Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle and was of an extraordinary extension in those times. Back then, it had 42 big spots and 26 smaller ones (all of them are hacienda shells today) and was rightly considered historical because at this very place Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, the father of our country, was born.
Today, the place is open to the public, and entering it means a real trip into the past of Mexico because the place preserves its original structure and decoration. It is also home to the “Museo del Vino y la Botella” (wine and bottle museum), the biggest of its kind. Don’t let the opportunity to see the hacienda’s cellars and have a sip of tequila slip away.


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